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Dabur-Swarna-Bhasma-If you are finding a complete cure remedy, this is an article which I think you should read. This is the article which can help you to understand about some diseases and its cure. Actually, there is only one remedy which can give you almost all health benefits and the name of that remedy is Swarn makshik bhasma. This remedy can cure lots of health woes with so much ease. I know this is little bit difficult for you to accept that an herbal remedy can help you to be fit but this true. In fact there are many testimonials are present which shows, Swarn makshik bhasma is the perfect remedy for better health.

This article is very helpful to gain knowledge about the diseases and a comprehensive list of all the benefits of Swarn makshik bhasma. Swarn makshik bhasma for health is the remedy which is far better than any medicine.

Swarn makshik bhasma is the Ayurvedic herb which is made from copper and iron pyrite. Swarn makshik Bhasam is used in the treatment of piles, diabetes and skin diseases. Components (iron and pyrite) of this remedy are very essential for biological functions in the body. Copper aids the absorption of iron in the body and iron is very helpful in the formation of hemoglobin.

swarn-bhasmaIt is an important remedy which can cure anemia, jaundice, insomnia, low grade fever and burning sensation. Do you know what Ayurveda is? If don’t know, I will tell you. Ayurveda is India’s oldest, effective and natural medicine which has been used for more than 5000 years. Ayurvedic treatment provides an integrated approach to prevent many illnesses through natural therapies. It is said that Ayurveda is more than mere system to cure illness in fact Ayurveda is “science of life” (Ayur-life, Veda-science). It offers a body of wisdom which helps you to stay healthy and vibrant while realizing their full human potential.

I think now you all have understood why Swarn makshik bhasma for health is the perfect remedy. See, Ayurvedic treatment is the treatment which has been used since thousands of years and it is the safest treatment than drug’s treatment.

Swarn makshik bhasma for health is the best cure because it has aphrodisiac and anti-aging properties. It is very useful in the treatment of diabetes, eye disease, urinary tract disorders, hemorrhoids, skin disorders and poison. Swarn makshik bhasma is made from three components and the names are copper, iron, sulfur.

Baidyanat-SwarnamakshikThe components of Swarn makshik bhasma indicates that it has chemical formula of chalcopyrite which is CuSeS2. Swarn makshik bhasma contains haematinic, anti-inflammatory, antacid, or anthelmintic, antidepressant, antihypertensive, antipruritic and febrifuge properties. Also it has bitter and sweet taste.

Although, there are many diseases which can be cured with the consumption of Swarn makshik bhasma and here are some of them

  • Heart and blood: anemia, high blood pressure and palpitation
  • Mind and brain: insomnia, headache with pulsating pain
  • Digestive health: hyperacidity with sour taste in mouth, chronic gastric, heartburn, hepatitis, jaundice, mouth ulcer, nausea, vomiting and ulcerative colitis
  • Women health: leucorrhoea, membranous dysmenorrhea
  • Other: vertigo heat sensation, burning sensation, chronic low grade fever, burning sensation in the eyes and bleeding piles.

swarn bhasmaSwarn makshik bhasma for health is the remedy which can’t be beaten by others. This is the most useful and effective remedy but it can cause side effects. Yes, this is possible that by this bhasma you can get side effects if you consume this remedy more than its recommendation. To know about its side effects and safe dosage amount read below.

  • For infants and child- not more than 250mg per day
  • For adults from 19-60 years- 125-375 mg
  • For the people of above the age of 60- 125-375 mg
  • Consume this bhasma after food and you can also take this bhasma with honey and milk.

It is said that you will not get any kind of side effect if you consume any remedy with correct dosage amount. So, it is important to consume this medicine only after consulting with your doctor. If you are a pregnant woman, totally avoid this remedy. Swarn makshik bhasma for health is safest cure and I think now you will be agreed with me. So, from now on words try to use Swarn makshik bhasma for health.


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