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7 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Heart Health

Taking care of your heart with the help of healthy diet and physical activity is the key to keep your heart healthy. A healthy diet can help you to control your blood cholesterol and prevent the formation of heart disease. You can use low saturated food, low fat food and less oily food. The heart is muscular organ and is about the size of a person’s fist. The heart pumps blood through veins and arteries called as cardiovascular system. The coronary arteries run along the surface of heart and provide oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Take steps to prevent heart disease because it can cause death. To prevent heart disease you can use these ways

  • Eat healthy
  • Physical activity
  • Manage your blood pressure
  • Manage your stress
  • Stop smoking
  • If you drink, drink in moderation.
  • Lose weight

Eat healthyEat healthy to remove heart diseases

Improving your diet is one of the best ways to prevent heart disease. If you use less dairy products, it may prevent heart disease. Manage your diet may be difficult for you in the starting but if you start this for once, you will be more able to continue this.

Eat more

Eat more for heart diseaseHealthy fats like raw nuts, olive oil, fish oil, flax seeds and avocado.
Fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrot and peas.
High fiber cereal, pasta and pasta made from whole wheat.
Organic dairy products like unsweetened yogurt, eggs and skimmed and whole milk.


Eat lessEat less Fast foods

Fast foods
Packed foods especially those who are high in sugar.
White eggs, sugary cereals, refined pastas and rice.

Physical activity

do exercise for heart diseasesIf you want to stay physically active, you don’t need to rush to the gym. You can easily stay fit by doing some regular and easy activities. Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy. A physical activity has many health benefits and these health benefits apply to the people of all-ages. Physical activity can strengthen you heart muscle and this improves your heart’s ability to pump blood to your lung and throughout your body.


Manage your blood pressureManage your blood pressure

Blood pressure has the ability to kill you slowly. Hypertension and high blood pressure can cause heart disease. You can control your blood pressure through your diet modification. If your lifestyle is healthy, you will be more able to stay away from blood pressure and heart disease. If you successfully control blood pressure through healthy lifestyle, it could be feasible that you don‘t need any medication.

Manage your stress

Manage your stressStress is a normal part of your life but if you leave it unmanaged it can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats and chest pain. If you want to cut down your stress you can watch some comedy shows, equate sleeping, attend religious functions and try to stay away from those people who make you angry. Living a stressful life can cause people to adopt poor habits like smoking, drinking and too much eating.


Stop smokingStop smoking to avoid heart diseases

stop smoking is one of the best ways that you do for your heart. Smoking can damage the linings of your arteries then it builds up a fatty material (atheroma) which can narrow your artery. This can cause heart attack. The carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke can reduce the amount of oxygen in your body. This means your heart has to pump harder to supply oxygen to your body when it needs. So, try to quit smoking, if you want to save your heart.

Stop drinking

Stop drinking to avoid heart diseasesDrinking more than recommended amount of alcohol can have a harmful effect on your heart and body. It causes abnormal heart rhythms, high blood pressure and liver problems. Alcohol is also high in sugar so it can cause weight gain. If you don’t feel shy to drink alcohol then you can find difficulties in eating healthy diet. If you drink alcohol it is important to keep in guidelines such as
Men and women should not drink 14 units of alcohol in per week.
You should have a lot of alcohol free days each week.

If you want to get rid of alcoholism then you can try a natural method for it and can live a healthy life.


Lose weightLose weight for heart diseases

Being over weighted can extend a large range of health problems such as hypertensions, high cholesterol and diabetes. Losing a weight through diet and exercise is one the best ways to get rid of heart diseases. If you are over weighted then you are more likely to develop coronary heart disease. Research shows that being overweight can raise your blood cholesterol and can increase your blood pressure. Because these are risk factors in coronary heart disease.

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